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Vinyl Records Are Alive And Growing

"'Like the legend of the phoenix, all ends with beginnings.'

Just when you thought vinyl was dead in today’s digital age – it’s back, and now bigger than ever.

After what was thought to be its demise in the early 90s, the vinyl has been kept alive by hip audiophiles buying them at stores like Urban Outfitters. Sales have increased steadily by 52% yearly to beat out ad-supported streaming services like Spotify and YouTube. Paid streaming services are not going down though, with Spotify Premium taking a $480 million cut in revenue.

Can't quite catch why vinyl still has its appeal? 

For starters, the quality of sound from vinyl is just as the producer or band intended because of its lossless format, so the details of the music are not compressed and compromised unlike digital music. There's also the possibility of the value of your vinyls appreciating, which is never going to happen with MP3s. 

“It’s hard to believe vinyl can keep up this pace, but considering all these sales represent new pressings of LPs and singles pressed—people aren’t just rooting through their parents’ basement for old Stones LPs—that’s a solid outlook for the future. One thing it’s got going for it is that participating in another music provider doesn’t preclude vinyl. Even if you don’t buy that it “just sounds better,” vinyl offers consumers a ritual experience they value, handling and interacting with something physical. Spotify can’t replace that.” – TIME

But vinyl isn't just about quality. It's helped to form a community burning with passion. Record buying is almost like a ritual, an eye-opening experience for most music lovers. Many would spend hours in store, discovering new music and actually making friends through sharing recommendations.

In a world devoid of human interaction thanks to the proliferation of digital devices, it's nice to know that the simple things can still be kept alive.

For more on the vinyl revival, hop on over to TIME here."

Date: / Author: Sheryl Yeo
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