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Home-grown Glory midst Releases Second Single, Away

"Diffusing airy electronic ambient music quietly laced with a silvery voice, midst is a homegrown act made up of a young trio of 19 somethings – Rachel, Kin Leonn, and Jeremy. The band got together with nothing but dreams and some hope, as any band does; but unlike most, they've turned these dreams into an atmospheric reality. With just two songs released, midst (with a small m) has already made a number of noticeable waves in the scene, and the people who matter are indeed noticing.
Many local musicians  and local music in general  face a lorry-load of skepticism based on unfounded bias, so it’s been awhile since a new act that seemingly sprung out of nowhere has stood out so much. Their first single, Captivate, was quickly picked up by radio station Lush 99.5, the de-facto championers of local music.
If you’re a fan of The XX, London Grammar, Tycho or Boards of Canada, then we're positively sure you’ll love the music by these talented younglings. Recorded in a bedroom with much TLC, their upcoming EP should definitely be on your long and pretentious to-listen list. We highly recommend it.
Have a listen to their second single, ‘Away’, a down-tempo number that begins like an Evenings track and ends in what is beginning to take shape as their own signature sound. Available on Bandcamp too."

Date: / Author: Sheryl Yeo
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