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Easter comes early – Local rockers Cashew Chemists spark a nationwide Easter-album hunt

In the days following up to their second EP launch, the homegrown groove machines have decided to give away 20 physical copies of the album via a series of daily we-give-you-hint-you-come-find-yourself treasure hunts. So far, two copies have been given away, leaving 18 more chances for anyone without a full-time job.

Something quite relevant to note is that out of these 20 copies, three will each include a lovely pair of laneway tickets, giving you a 15% chance to make taking MC on that particular day worth it.

They’ve also drop-teased a single from the EP, “Feel Amazing”, an undeniably catchy track laden with extremely dependable guitar riffs, very nice bass/drum playing, and finally made beautiful by Mr. Kumagai’s impressive vocals. To score yourself a free album and a chance for a golden ticket (they really are golden), keep your eyes glued to the band’s social media platforms in the coming 18 or so days, where the clues will be released.

Cashew Chemists first caught mainstream attention in 2013 with their self-titled EP, which has a nifty blend of nu-school, surf-rock inspired tunes. The band is made up of four human beings; Brian Chia, Zachary Chia, Elliot Sng & Yuji Kumagai, with Ulrich Chia on heavy session duty.

“Previously On...Cashew Chemists” will be available on Bandcamp here come 11 Dec. We’re expecting many more catchy riffs and breezy tunes, the kind that they’ve always delivered well on. Plus, if you win those tickets you’ll get to see them live at Laneway. Yay. Yay! 

Watch a live rendition of 'Feel Amazing' from their Bandwagon session here:



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