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December 28, 2015


12 Lucky Winners this #CChristmas!

Thank you for taking part in our #CChristmas giveaway - we appreciate it! We've picked out 12 lucky winners who will receive a #CChristmas goodie bag each.

Here are the 12 lucky winners:

  • Jonathan
  • Glenn
  • Waheedah
  • Wei Ting
  • Edmund
  • Nurul
  • Dave Koh
  • Shaun Yeo
  • Carisia
  • Timothy Koh
  • Swee Kiang
  • Donald Cheok

Congraulations once again, and we'll be in touch with you on redeeming your goodie bag (;


- The Controlled Commodity Team

December 24, 2015

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Founded in 2011, Kinfolk is for the lifestyle guru who spends too much time assembling inspirational photographs on Pinterest. With a strong contributor base, this slow lifestyle magazine has global fans and yours truly is too, a sucker for its simplistic layout, images, and easy-to-digest articles. Explore the art of living well, and cultivate your taste for it over Christmas brunch.

Bag this great read in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.

December 23, 2015



Here's your chance to reduce your carbon footprint by using Keep Cups, the answer to reusable coffee cups like those from Starbucks you never recycle anyway. Made in Australia and founded in 2011, these simulated cups are thoughtful, yet delectably designed in poppy colours. Having worked with baristas to advocate their cause, Keen Cups are for the world-saving hero in all of us.

Win a KEEP cup in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.

December 22, 2015


Little Short Stories - Postcards

Locally designed and produced, Little Short Stories postcards are what poignant walks at the beach must feel like in the silent of the night. Each product image, shot to elicit the lull sleepless nights or long train rides, is accompanied by the befitting title's short stories at the back. They make a great decor, or even as postcards by your desk for you to naval gaze in the middle of an screen-induced insomnia.

Win a set of these limited edition post cards in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.

December 22, 2015


Fantastic Man

First launched in 2005, Fantastic Man has paved the way for menswear since with their stark fashion photography and quick-witted features. Today, in the wake of its 10th anniversary, the bi-annual magazine continues to compound the best of cultural news and men's fashion. More apt, however, is cover star Kyle McLachlan, who'd be reprising his role as Dale Cooper in the David Lynch mystery-drama Twin Peaks as Fantastic Man gets their insight scoop, first.

Bag a copy of Fantastic Man in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.

December 21, 2015


Jau* - Notebooks

Bandying between paint and crystal works, Jau Goh's tao also lies in making cute notebooks (without the nausea). Covered in geometric motifs, they're the artist's take on modern art - a hobby she’s taken since her training as an architect. You can shop them here, but we're gifting them to you first because your New Year's resolution cannot wait.

Stand a chance to bag a set of these notebooks in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.


December 19, 2015


Tens - Sunglasses

From Scotland, these sense-heightened tinted lenses are a new way to breathe in the sights through Instagram filters. Fed up with the dull, lifeless shade that typical sunglasses deprive our eyes of the "sun's natural glow", this atypical first edition of warm-filtered glasses comes from four creatives after their trip through the hoary Highlands.

Take their inspiration for "enhancing digital images and video" to invent new ways "to filter our view whilst being disconnected from technology" as prime example. These innovative pairs are as fitting as classic sunglasses, and as novel as shading Valencia-themed filters over your eyes.

Two lucky winners will win a pair of TENS sunglasses in their #CChristmas goodie bags, so what are you waiting for? Join our giveaway here.

December 18, 2015


The Gentlewoman & Smith Journal

For anyone too busy to read, we've slipped in two journals you'd the make time for - both distinct in print and format. From the folks who brought you the contemplative men’s journal Fantastic Man, comes bi-annual release Gentlewoman for the ladies, an equally incisive read with poised cover features of game-changing women like Björk, Beyoncé, Adele, and this issue's cover star Saoirse Ronan.

Meanwhile, more lighthearted and anecdotal is Australian print mag, Smith Journal, which delivers punchy short stories from contributors you'd use to share and muse over dinner table talks. Consider them food for your brain as you break bread this Christmas.

Bag these great reads in your #CChristmas goodie bags here.

December 18, 2015


Brand Guide - Singapore Edition

Brand Guide Singapore Edition is local design firm Foreign Policy Design's documentation of our country's best branding efforts. The guide marks the creative processes from 17 brand owners who've championed great ideas in brand reports and anecdotes. Presented such that you'll be schooled on what makes branding the nub of one's corporate identity, this classified file also reads like a rich contextual history on design in Singapore - like how we learnt that Axe Oil, an all-ailment antidote loved by our mothers, was first advertised on a woodblock print in the 1920s.

Want to win a copy of the Brand Guide - Singapore Edition in your #CChristmas goodie bag? Get on it here.


December 17, 2015


1000 Records to Listen to Before You Die

Ever wondered how music snobs at dinner parties could recite every of the classics from surf-pop band Beach Boys to jazz maestro Miles Davis? They're promiscuous readers on the subject matter. To one-up the conversation with your own musical knowledge, heed this "listener's life list" - courtesy of Analog Vault.

Written by award-winning music journalist Tom Moon, 1000 Records to Listen to Before You Die is an exhaustive guidebook covering ground on all musical styles - from Bruce Springsteen to Joni Mitchell to The Beatles - that you can use to your advantage, or just peruse at your own pleasure for sourcing new material you've yet to discover.

Win 1000 Records in your #CChristmas goodie bag here.

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